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UPCOMing shows

Feb 23- 8p- 10p- Wiese Auditorium- KBEK- Braham, MN

Feb 24- 6p- 9p- Staghead- "Meatloaf on Meatloaf"- Red Wing, MN

Mar 25- ALBUM RELEASE! Icehouse with Peter Lochner and Lakewood Cemetery

 Dodge Nature Center- West Saint Paul, MN June 2017

Dodge Nature Center- West Saint Paul, MN June 2017


Graham is a songwriter based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. His style is reflective of his Texas roots and a decade of living and writing in Nashville, Tennessee. Graham left Tennessee in 2010. 

"I ended up in St. Paul.  Music had become a chore and I was out of tune with Nashville.  I came up here and started all over again. In some respects, I had forgotten why I started writing songs in the first place."

His debut, "Under The Lights"- released in August of 2016, was well received and garnered radio play in and around the Twin Cities. Graham keeps a steady flow of gigs in the region and collaborates with a number of other artists.

"I really enjoy recording and playing live shows, but at the end of the day, it all goes back to the song. That's what really drives me- the process that begins with nothing and turns into something."

The follow up to "Under The Lights" is due in early 2018. To stay in tune with updates, check back here or email to sign up for the monthly newsletter.


Under the Lights

by Graham Bramblett

Avail on all major streaming services and for download.


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